The Perfect Hairstyle To Flatter Your Face Shape

As stylists and makeover experts around the world would tell you, your best bet when aiming for a makeover is to change your hairstyle. The perfect hairstyle for you depends on your facial shape and should highlight your best features, while downplaying the problem areas.

Follow the guide below:

Hairstyles for a round face: You want to add height to your face and reduce the width. Make sure to choose a style that downplays the roundness of your face. A soft layered long cut with a middle parting is your best bet. Avoid bangs and anything that adds volume on the sides of your face.

Hairstyles for a long face: You will look amazing in short haircuts like the graduated bob. Generally speaking, any style that does not add extra height on top will make you look gorgeous. We suggest a medium length cut with bangs in the front and wavy sides. Avoid middle partings.

Hairstyles for an oval face: You have the most versatile face shape and can get away with any cut or style whatsoever. However, avoid styles that conceal the shape of your face such as heavy front bangs. Instead, accentuate your face with a chin length bob or a wavy long cut with side-swept bangs.

Hairstyles for a heart face: We recommend cuts that give you height at the top as well as long bangs that accentuate your forehead. Avoid short bangs and cuts that add width to your entire face. Try a long cut (straight or wavy) with layers at the chin area.

Hairstyles for a square face: The main objective here is to soften the jaw area. Avoid super short cuts because they highlight your strong jaw line. Instead, go for medium or long cuts that allow some hair to fall on your face. Side swept wispy bangs will create visual interest as will any style that frames the entire face.

Experiment with your hair to find out what looks best on you. A simple way to do this (without actually committing to a cut) is to try on a wig that is somewhat similar to the cut or style you want. Also remember that it is important to maintain your haircut with regular visits to the hairdresser. Ask him or her for personalised recommendations for hair care products. Choose a shampoo based on your hair type, a good conditioner and a styling gel to keep your style in place.

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