Reed Diffuser Fragrances For Summer – Best 5 Scents

Many people may immediately think of sweet, fruity scents like cotton candy, strawberry, and peach as summer-type scents. I think that too much of that can make you feel sticky! Here are my personal recommendations for mature, refreshing scents to use in your home during June to August.

“The Beach” – Coconut & Lemongrass.
Coconut and lemongrass together create a tropical beach scent without being too sweet or smelling like suntan lotion. The sharp and unusual lemongrass makes an excellent foil to the balmy coconut. This combination suggests a nature full of youth and energy, and free of cares. One sniff will make you feel like “school’s out for summer,” even if you still have to slave away in the office. You will be inspired to get out in the warm sunshine with this classic, aromatic combination, even if it’s just to responsibly do errands… but don’t forget your sunscreen!

“The Spa” – Clean Mint.
Cool and upscale, mint is a popular fragrance choice for day spa products. It also makes a refreshing scent for your home, especially if you don’t have central air conditioning. Although it may seem like a simple kitchen herb (or remind you of toothpaste), the gentle scent of mint diffusing through the air will make you swear that it’s a few degrees cooler. Trust me, it will not remind you of mouthwash; instead, you will feel like you’re having mint juleps on the porch or getting a mud wrap at a Swiss spa.

“Summer Canopy” – Leaf and Soil.
Imagine sitting under a tree that shields you from the sun with large green leaves. The scent of growing things surrounds you: crushed stems, clean damp soil, and fragrant branches. Recreate this experience – even if you’re stuck behind a desk all day – by filling your reed diffuser with leaves and soil type scents. Though it may sound unusual, and not at all like what you’re used to in a home fragrance, the subtle aroma of rich soil and green sap can create a calm, happy mood all day long.

“Energy Lift” – Pink Grapefruit.
If you feel lethargic in the warmer months, you can give yourself a caffeine-free energy lift. Pink grapefruit is the perfect fragrance to keep you awake, a vibrant balance of sweet and tart. In aromatherapy, citrus is thought to be energizing, so refresh your reed diffuser with this sharp citrus scent, and wake up your brain. Pink grapefruit comes on strong, so you may want to dilute this mouth-watering scent more than usual, or fill your reed diffuser with a minimal amount.

“Romantic Kitchen” – Lime and Rosemary.
The crisp combination of lime and this popular herb is a clean, romantic kitchen scent. Strong enough to banish cooking odors that tend to linger in warm, heavy air, lime and rosemary is a totally unisex combination suitable for male or female master chefs. Not only that, it is excellent made with either fragrance oils, or pure lime and rosemary essential oils. A tall apothecary bottle tucked away in the corner of your kitchen will keep it smelling clean and fresh, even after you make your special garlic marinara!

If you’re feeling creative, you can also mix any of these fragrances together for a unique blend. To test whether they will go together, hold two scents next to each other and take a sniff. If you want less of one, just hold it farther away. I do this whenever I create a new blend, and it’s never failed me yet.

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