Name: Miya
Age: 22
Site Since: October 2, 2006
Domain Registrar: Godaddy (originally Netfirms)
Website: NaniMaiHani.org, MadderSky.org, Tenth-Doctor.org

My name is Miya and I have been online and been making websites for 12 years now, and running fanlistings for 8. I still may not be the best designer, but I am very dedicated. I got my first fanlisting in 2005 when I adopted the listing for Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and hosted it at my Tuesdays-Ashes.net. Unfortunately early the next year my mother decided to move us across country and I was without internet for around 6 or 7 months. Needless to say during that time I lost the listing. I started creating fanlistings again in October of that year when I got the fls to two of my favorite movies (the intriguing Louis Malle fantasy Black Moon and the J-Horror flick Dark Water) and television shows (the Canadian Young Blades and Irish Ballykissangel). I then started this collective, and got some of my wishlisters like Bernese Mountain Dogs (Animals), Fried Green Tomatoes (Movie), Andromache (Mythology/Religion), and Hector (Mythology/Religion).

My taste in fandoms is more than just eclectic. I love all different types of things, especially music. I am the über-fan, probably due to my obsessive personality. In 2007 seriously got into anime, and since the end of the Harry Potter series, I have been living and breathing the fandom. Code Geass is my love, Schneizel is my onii-chan.

I design exclusively in Paint Shop Pro 7 and code using Notepad.

Yes, that Doctor. I watched a few of the original series when I was a little kid, and most of the new Doctor Who series, but I'm not a big fan. I just really, really love 10.